Police credit tips from locals for recovering stolen items

Mower, generator found; items valued at over $3,000…


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Pearsall Police have credited local citizens for their help in recovering a number of stolen items in three separate theft cases and have identified a suspect in two of the incidents.

“The common threads in all three cases are that concerned citizens are stepping up and assisting officers in recovering the stolen items,” Pearsall Police Chief Peter Salinas said. “Without their help this property might never have been returned to its rightful owners.

“This shows a true partnership working for the greater good of us all. On the same token it is concerning that some citizens are willing to purchase these items off the street.”

In an October 10 case, Pearsall police were dispatched to a home on Berry Ranch Rd. for a theft.

The homeowner stated they had accidentally left a shed unlocked overnight and some items had been stolen.

According to the police report, the victim said that he left in the morning to get coffee and upon returning home, noticed the doors to the shed were open.

Upon entering the shed, the owner noticed some boards had been moved and discovered that a generator, flat screen TV, weed eater, chainsaw, electric hoist and a pellet gun were missing. The missing items were estimated to be valued at $1,304.

Nearly a month later, officers reported that information from local citizens provided information that placed the generator at a home in Moore. Upon arriving at the home, officers located only the generator.

A second burglary case on October 24 also occurred on Berry Ranch Road.

The victim in the case noted that upon entering his car early that morning he noticed that his seat had been moved, which he found odd because he lives alone. He went on to tell police that several items were out of place and thrown around inside his vehicle and that his key fob was missing.

According to the report, the victim then exited the vehicle and proceded to walk around it when he noticed that his lawn mower was missing. He told officers the mower was parked next to the car.

Nearly three weeks later, officers said they received a tip from a concerned citizen advising them of the possible location of the stolen mower. Officers conducted an interview with residents at the location who said they had recently purchase the mower on a payment plan and had already made an initial payment of $50.

Having identified the mower as the one previously stolen, officers recovered and removed the item and returned it to its owner.

“Citizens found purchasing stolen property knowingly can and will be charged with a crime,” Chief Salinas said. “Citizens who may purchase stolen property unknowingly will be out whatever it is they paid when we recover those items.

“Please make sure you are not being taken advantage of by these thieves who know that we are looking for those items.”

According to Chief Salinas, officers have identified Robert Serrano of Pearsall as a suspect in both cases.

“Serrano is already a suspect in numerous pending theft and burglary cases,” the chief sais. “Serrano has been arrested and charged with multiple crimes but has repeatedly been released on bonds. Investigators are currently working to draft and request warrants of arrest for multiple thefts on the subject.”

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