Nieto runs for new term as constable

Gumecindo (Rusty) Garcia III has placed his name on the ballot as a candidate for Frio County Constable Precinct 2 in the March Primary Election.

Garcia lives in Pearsall with his wife of 25 years, Lena, and has a son, Isaac. He is the son of Gumecindo Jr. and Maria Garcia.

“I attended Pearsall High School but left school in 1981. In 1986 I obtained my GED and attended SWTJC in Uvalde, majoring in law enforcement,” Garcia said. “Earning 60 hours, I attended the Middle Rio Grande Law Enforcement Academy, earning my Basic Peace Officer License. Working for the Pearsall Police Department from 1991 to 1994 as a patrolman, I worked traffic, investigations and other assignments. My son, brother and two nephews also work in law enforcement.

“I was hired by DPS in 1995; the academy lasted six months and I learned others areas of training necessary for this type of work, specifically accident investigation. I made the rank of corporal at DPS and retired in August 2018 after 23 years.”

Garcia is currently with the Frio County Sheriff’s Department and holds a Master Peace Officer License, and certifications in radar, intoxilyzer, SFST, Hazmat and Firearms Instructor. He has also been a CVE Trooper working with commercial vehicles.

“I made several drug and cash seizures along with stolen vehicles recovered,” he said. “If elected, I will use my experience and training to help the community become a safer place to live. My parents taught me to work hard, I always have and always will.

“Although God and family hold top priority for me, my service to Frio County and my community is very important to me.

“In serving the public, when priorities are kept in order, fair and balanced decisions will be made. If elected, this will be my full-time job and I promise to hold office in an honest, professional manner with integrity and reliability.”

Ibarra runs to hold clerk’s position

Aaron Ibarra is a candidate for election as Frio county clerk in the Democratic Party primaries on March 3.

Ibarra has held the position since his June 2019 appointment from a field of applicants by the Frio County commissioners after Angie Tullis’ retirement.

“I will continue to bring dedication, kindness and courtesy to the citizens of Frio County, as well as make real and noticeable strides toward a better office and a better system to serve the citizens,” Ibarra said. “My office will continue to be a full-service office and will continue to make customer satisfaction our number one goal.”

The candidate said he has dedicated his life to public service and previously worked as a special investigator for Child Protective Services for a number of years, and as a probation officer for Frio and La Salle counties. He is a Pearsall High School graduate and earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

“In addition to serving my community through my employment, I also enjoy giving back to the community in my spare time,” he said.

Ibarra is vice president of the Frio County Veterans Memorial Wall Chapter and an active member of the Pearsall Rotary Club. He and his wife of ten years, Ember, recently welcomed their first child. Ibarra is the son of the late Andy and Alamar Ibarra, and grandson of the late Andres Ibarra.

“I am looking to make a long and meaningful impact on this community through my service to the public as the Frio County Clerk,” Ibarra said. “With the people’s support, I hope to do so for many years to come.”

Nieto runs for new term as constable

Teddy “Ted” Nieto is announcing his candidacy for re-election as Frio County Constable of Precinct 3. 

“I have been blessed to serve as Constable of Precinct 3 since 2005,” Nieto said. “In this position, I strive to make a direct impact in the community and for the constituents of Precinct 3.

“I advocate for public safety and the protection of individual and civil liberties under the laws of the State of Texas. I believe a ‘strong community’ is one that is connected and shares the same interests for the greater good of the people.

Nieto is a 1985 Pearsall High School graduate and attended the San Antonio College Law Enforcement Training Academy in 2005 where he obtained his peace officer certification. He is also an active parishioner of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church.

“If re-elected, I plan to make a strong push towards new  ‘community policing’ strategies and maintain a strong working relationship with local and state law enforcement to assist in public needs,” he said. “While serving as your constable, I pledge to uphold principle values such as integrity, commitment, and leadership, all of which are essential for a role in public service.

“Throughout my tenure I have been honored to serve as a member of the Virginia Thompson Foundation, a non-profit corporation that assists Pearsall ISD with educational resources for current teachers and students. I have taken strides to engage with organizations servicing the indigent and elderly. In 2017, I became the county representative for the Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) Advisory Board. In 2018, I was selected

to represent Frio County as a member of the Community Council of South Central Texas (CCSCT). CCSCT’s mission is to empower vulnerable families and individuals in the greater South Central Texas.”

Zapata vies for Frio constable’s office

Daniel Zapata is announcing his candidacy for Frio County Constable Pct. #3 in the March Primary Election.

He is a 2005 graduate of Pearsall High School and shortly after, attended Southwest Texas Jr. College.

“My wife and I have been married for eight years and have three beautiful children together,” he said. “In 2008, I began my eight-year tenure in corrections where I held positions as a Food Service Supervisor, Detention Officer, Mailroom Officer, Bailiff, and a member of the Correctional Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T).

“In 2016, I took a leap of faith and attended the Middle Rio Grande Law Enforcement Academy. Upon completion, I received my Basic Peace Officer’s License, numerous training certificates, and an award for having the highest state exam score.”

Zapata began his law enforcement career in 2016 as a patrolman, responding to calls for service, an officer at the Pearsall Independent School District, and as a K9 handler assisting in narcotic investigations.

“I had the privilege of representing our community at the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association competition in 2018 where my K9 partner and I finished in the top third of the competition,” he said. “I remain active in our community, coaching pee wee basketball and assisting in Pearsall Little League.

“I have also volunteered with our Pearsall Volunteer Fire Department. I’m a strong believer in faith, family, and service. If elected, I will serve with dedication. I will serve with professionalism. I will serve with courage. I will serve with respect. I will serve with the utmost integrity.

“If elected constable, the community of Precinct 3 will be my priority with increased patrol and full time commitment.”

Niavez vies for new term as commissioner

Noel Niavez is announcing his bid for re-election as La Salle County Commissioner Precinct 1 in the 2020 Democratic Party Primaries in March.

“I pride myself in being a hands-on commissioner and am honored to have had the opportunity to work closely with the people,” he said. “I strive to be a vital part of our community’s growth and to continue listening to the community’s needs and addressing them.”

Niavez is a native resident of La Salle County and a resident of precinct 1 for over 25 years. During his tenure as La Salle County Commissioner he has been involved in countless community projects.

“I hope to continue serving the county by being a 24-hour commissioner accessible to everyone. I take great pride in being a friend to all and overcoming all challenges together. Aside from road maintenance goals, community service projects, and disaster responses me and my team are open to assist in any and all community challenges and projects.

“I am asking for the continued support and vote for the opportunity to further serve my community and people.”

Romo seeks election as Frio sheriff

Armando Romo is announcing his candidacy for Frio County sheriff in the March 3 primary election.

“It is a position I hope to win and serve diligently in,” Romo said. “In my experience as a law enforcement officer in Texas, and specifically this county, I have been blessed to have worked with phenomenal elements of the criminal justice system. From local, state and federal agencies, I have worked together with them in partnership to combat crime and seek justice for victims that have been affected.

“I recognize that having worked with these partnerships, it allows any law enforcement agency the potential to succeed and provide the best service to the families of this county.

“Most important is our children, as Pearsall and Dilley contain growing school districts which are tasked with educating our children in becoming knowledgeable and valuable members of our community,” Romo said. “Having the cooperation of these school districts will allow our law enforcement agencies to be strong, trustworthy and proactive elements in the community.

“I have learned that is it very important to have open dialogue and cooperation between law enforcement agencies and school district officials to combat the potential drug and criminal issues that may arise amongst the student population,” he added. “These relationships would go a long way in helping the children and their parents fight the urge to make poor choices that could affect their future.

“Thus, cooperation is the key, for any community to succeed in helping each other prevent crime and most importantly, help the victims.”

Romo said he believes Frio County is fortunate to have what he described as a strong and fair judicial system in place for the community.

“As sheriff, I would be honored to be one of your leaders in these communities,” he said, “establishing trustworthy relationships between our municipal, county and school leadership.”

Zertuche is candidate for La Salle sheriff

Anthony “Tony” Zertuche has announced his candidacy in the March 3 Democratic Party primary for the position of La Salle County sheriff.

Zertuche is a 2002 graduate of Cotulla High School and a lifelong resident of Cotulla. He graduated from the Southwest Texas Junior College Law Enforcement Academy in 2009 and was hired by the La Salle County Sheriff’s Office, where he served for more than nine years, first as a deputy for three years and then as corporal for six years.

“I had the privilege of protecting and serving the citizens of La Salle County during those years,” Zertuche said, “and enforcing state and federal laws, conducting criminal and civil investigations, investigating traffic accidents and serving civil process documents.”

Zertuche is a certified field training officer, holds an advanced peace officer license, and has 1,510 hours of continuing education credit with Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Training in crime scene investigation, advanced human trafficking, search warrants, report writing, crisis intervention, and other key issues.

He is also a recipient of the Lifesaving Commendation bar, which he earned for his swift action in response to a seriously injured gunshot victim.

“The continuing training I receive helps me to do my job accurately, professionally and to the best of my ability,” Zertuche said. “I want the people of La Salle County to know that their safety and wellbeing are my priorities. I will be available at all times, and dedicate full days of work to the people.

“I will also be actively involved with the community, school district and local businesses,” Zertuche said. “I respectfully ask for the people’s support in the March 3 election, because their votes can make the difference for change.”

Ramirez is candidate for Frio constable

Jose “Joe” Ramirez is announcing his candidacy as constable for Precinct 1 in Frio County in the March primary election.

“I’m respectfully and humbly asking for the support from the citizens of Pearsall and the vote of Precinct 1,” Ramirez said. “My primary goal is to serve, protect, and work together with law enforcement and its entirety of Frio County.

“My dedication and commitment to Precinct 1 is to work full time shielding safety, protection, and visibility for the public and the community of the precinct. Thank you for your consideration and your support as we commence a new beginning together. God bless you and this journey as I seek to be the next constable of Frio County Precinct 1.”

Ramirez has 29 years of law enforcement experience, serving with the police department from 1989 to 1992 and as a Frio County Sheriff’s deputy from 1993-94. 

He entered the Texas Department of Public Safety Academy in 1995 and served as a trooper from 95-96 and DPS Trooper Criminal Law Enforcement from 1997-2002. He was a DPS CLE Special Agent for 16 years until his retirement in 2018. He is currently employed with the Frio County Sheriff’s Department.

Gandara is candidate for Frio commissioner

Lionel Gandara has announced his candidacy for Frio County Commissioner Precinct 1 in the March Primary Election.

“I love our community and want it to flourish for years to come,” Gandara said. “Public service has been my passion through volunteering in various non-profit organizations and participating on the local school forum.

“I’m currently serving my sixth year (two terms) on Pearsall ISD’s Board of Trustees, Place 1. I’m looking forward to working with the commissioners court, other elected officials and local leaders to grow Frio County into a sustainable and well-maintained community utilizing all its resources within a balanced budget, to better our quality of life for all.”

Gandara has been an employee for 29 years at the local John Deere as a parts manager for ten years and service manager for three years. He is currently an office and warehouse clerk with South Texas Electric Cooperative. He and his wife Brenda have four children and six grandchildren with another on the way.

“I humbly ask for your support and vote in the March Primary,” he said. “Local government works best through leadership and communication. Collaboration with the Road and Bridge Department.

“I’m looking forward to working with all the emergency services: ambulance, fire, hospital and health services that will benefit and safeguard all citizens. Working cooperatively with our sheriff’s office to improve services and implement a plan to have a fully functional jail and staff. 

“I will work to ensure we afford our employees the best benefits available and work environment, Gandara added. “I will bring a teamwork approach, setting plans and goals and executing positive results.”

Alaniz runs for re-election as Frio tax collector

Anna L. Alaniz has announced her candidacy for re-election to the office of Frio County tax assessor-collector in the Democratic Party primary on March 3.

Alaniz is a lifelong Pearsall citizen and has served as the tax assessor-collector for Frio County since January 1, 2005. In her official capacity, she has received and maintained vital licenses for the job, including her position as a registered tax assessor-collector and as a professional county collector.

“As the county’s tax assessor-collector, my staff and I have operated the people’s offices in Pearsall and Dilley with professionalism, honesty and integrity,” Alaniz said, “knowing that the taxpayers themselves are the most important people in the office.”

Alaniz said she is proud to work for all the citizens of Frio County as their tax assessor-collector and that she respectfully asks for their votes in continuing her service.

“Allow me this opportunity to thank the citizens for their trust and support in allowing me to serve them as their tax assessor-collector,” Alaniz said. “I humbly ask the people for their support in the March 3 primaries, as it is an honor to work for the citizens of Frio County.”

Trevino vies for election as Frio commissioner

Ramiro Trevino, former Frio County Democratic Chairperson, is a candidate for Frio County Commissioner Precinct 3 in the March Primary Election. 

“During this time, I had the privilege of building relationships with political figures at the state and national levels,” Trevino said. “These individuals and I share a common interest to work together and bring back resources that benefit the citizens of Frio County in Precinct 3.”

Ramirez boasts experience in the business and legal field, necessary qualifications he feels makes him an ideal candidate for the position. 

He is a 1995 Pearsall High School graduate and earned a Paralegal Associates Degree from Brown Mackie College. He later earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Argosy University. He says he is a 2020 graduate of South University with a Master’s in Human Resources.

“Citizens of Precinct 3, I seek your support and vote in the upcoming March 3 election,” he said. “The years of involvement at the county level and as Democratic Chair has given me an inside vision of how our county should operate. I am coming in with a mission to fight for programs and grants that will be beneficial to our citizens and beneficial in bringing resources to our county; helping all agencies in making sure that the safety of our citizens is our main priority; eliminating neglect of county infrastructure; working to bring new businesses to Frio County and working hard and listening to citizens’ concerns and issues affecting them and their families.

“As county commissioner, I will protect what we value most, our children, our community, our rights, our future.”

Price is candidate for tax collector

Marisa Price has announced her candidacy for election to the office of tax assessor-collector for La Salle County in the Democratic Party primary on March 3.

Price is a lifelong resident of La Salle County and is descended from the Garza and Carrion families.

As chief deputy treasurer for eight and a half years, I obtained extensive knowledge of the county’s finances and the importance of safeguarding the county’s funds,” Price said. “I was responsible for a considerable number of state and federal reports, including reporting to the Internal Revenue Service, Texas State Comptroller and the Texas County and District Retirement System.”

Price noted that she was also responsible for reconciling the county’s vast number of bank accounts and ensuring the county’s books were in balance while she was serving in the treasurer’s office.

Price has attended classes to become a Certified Investment Officer (CIO).

“As a CIO, I learned the importance of depositing all funds received on a daily basis so that those funds can earn as much investment income as possible,” Price said, “so as to reduce the financial burden on the taxpayer.”

The duties of the tax assessor/collector are to calculate property tax rates for the county, collect taxes for the county and collect various other fees for the state and county. 

“With the experience I acquired as chief deputy treasurer, I am highly qualified to be the tax assessor-collector for La Salle County,” Price said.