“Wear masks at all times”

La Salle County Sheriff discusses COVID-19 safety measures

La Salle County Sheriff
Miguel Rodriguez

Deputies working in Cotulla and outlying areas have been provided masks and training in how to exercise caution when dealing with the public during the coronavirus pandemic.
La Salle County Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez said this week that he is proud of the additional measures that his officers are taking to protect the public and themselves from the virus. A fresh supply of protective masks, he said, has been donated by Cotulla High School teacher Annette Pena, and officers are now wearing the distinctive gear that bears the county logo.
“We are going by all of the recommendations from the Texas governor, and we hope that all people of La Salle County are being careful to protect themselves as well,” the sheriff said. “I agree with the Fire Rescue & EMS that we should wear masks at all times in public, even when there isn’t a sign to remind us.
“Our officers have additional protective gear that they can use if necessary,” the sheriff said. “We are as prepared as we can be. We have given our officers training and reminders on health and safety practices, and I think it’s because everyone has been careful that we have so few cases of the virus in our county.”
Sheriff Rodriguez noted that immediate action was taken at the regional detention center in Encinal when routine testing revealed that at least one detainee of the US Marshals Service had the coronavirus but was asymptomatic. Staff members and other detainees – specifically those with whom the detainee had traveled and been in contact – were tested and found negative.
The sheriff said Assistant Warden Juan Saucedo at the detention center notified him this week that a second detainee at the Encinal facility was likewise positive for the virus but asymptomatic.
“The procedure was to quarantine immediately, to test, and to use isolation and health and safety practices as prescribed,” Rodriguez said. “We will re-test when necessary.
“If we set an example to the public by practicing appropriate health and safety measures, social distancing, and being informed, we will encourage the people of La Salle County to do the same and stay safe from this pandemic,” the sheriff said on Tuesday. “We can do this together.”

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