Cruel to be kind

Demolition work has begun for preservation and rejuvenation of the former Paisano Hotel on Oak Street in downtown Pearsall as workers removed the building’s sidewalk awning that was sagging and falling down in some places. The iconic building is scheduled to be refurbished and will include business fronts on the ground level and apartments on the second floor. An attached structure on the property that was not part of the original construction will also be removed from the north side of the building. The Paisano Hotel – also known in the past as the Little Hotel – once included a Firestone dealership in its curved corner frontage and a variety of small businesses in its Oak Street spaces. Distinctive for its period architectural style of the mid-20th Century and once prominent on the former Laredo – San Antonio highway through the middle of Pearsall before the age of the interstate highway, the structure is regarded as one of the city’s historic buildings for having an exterior that is virtually unchanged in over 70 years.       (CURRENT Photo: Manuel Azocar III)