New protective gear for La Salle Fire Rescue & EMS: Energy industry supplier makes donations

Frontline firefighters, emergency responders and medics of the La Salle Fire Rescue & EMS with their new gear

Emergency responders employed by the La Salle County Fire Rescue & EMS have been given a much-needed supply of personal protective gear by the Repsol company, an energy industry operator whose main business is in supplying fuels and lubricants to service facilities around the world.
The company has donated 500 protective hazmat suits to fire departments in McMullen and La Salle counties near the company’s offices and operations. The suits were donated to the fire departments help protect first responders making service calls in the community during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the company.
“The donation is part of Repsol’s global response to the pandemic and reflects the company’s commitment to being a good neighbor in the community,” company representatives wrote in announcing the donation.
Repsol is an international energy company with operations in in South Texas and local offices in Three Rivers, Cotulla, Runge, Austin and Houston.
“Safety is truly our top priority at Repsol in everything we do, so when we heard there was a need for PPE for first responders, we knew we wanted to help,” said Jorge Milathianakis, Repsol’s Eagle Ford business unit director. “We are glad to help promote the safety and health of the community where we live and work.”
Repsol has been operating in South Texas since April 2020.