Highlighting cereativity: Victor’s STEM project


By Norma Herrera
Library Director

We are very pleased this week to highlight the hard work of one of our young community members, Victor Camarillo III, who spent his summer working on a number of projects related to Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), by using his Lego kits to construct models based on various designs.
We believe it is vital for all youths to find an avenue to express themselves, to practice their skills, to develop their interests and to demonstrate to others what they can achieve when they put their minds to a task. Through the summer, we highlighted some of the beautiful and creative artwork that many of our community’s youths made in the form of ‘welcome’ signs and posters, and pieces that put the spotlight on Dilley’s various features and attributes. It was fascinating to see what Dilley’s young population saw as the outstanding features of their community.
This week, we demonstrate Victor’s STEM projects because we are proud to show the dedicated work of a young man who developed his passion for building miniatures and found ways to bring his ideas to reality. Victor and his mother are frequent visitors to the library, and we congratulate Victor’s mother on her support of his interests and enterprise by purchasing the kits and materials he needed for his projects.
We hope that all parents support their children’s interests and encourage them to explore their creativity, challenge themselves to take on projects that have educational value; and that parents help us highlight the work of tomorrow’s creative writers, artists, scientists, mathematicians and engineers.
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There are presently no programs or special events scheduled at the library, and we cannot allow socializing or mingling in the facility.
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