Adventures in reading, and their rewards


A SUMMER OF FUN continues this month at the Dilley Public Library (Photos this page), where young children from the L’il Pups Daycare Center have enjoyed hearing stories and exploring new books to read; children at Dilley’s elementary and middle schools have read scores of books and been engaged in learning activities; and prizes have been distributed to young patrons.

By Norma Herrera
Library Director
We are very pleased to report that patrons of all ages are coming back to the library to explore our many resources and to rediscover adventures in reading. Our patron count for June was 319, with 132 also signing up to use the internet. We had twenty people asking to use our wifi connection as well.
In our tally of younger readers at the library, we recorded 179 children and students coming in, and student visits totaled more than three hundred.
The children from the community and the Lil Pups Daycare Center enjoyed listening to storyteller Bernadette Nason on June 25. The experienced traveler and narrator told the children some awesome stories; while the children also participated with her in the stories.
In our Dilley ISD Academy Summer Program, students in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades received ‘Tails & Tales’ t-shirts for attending the school program, and staff at the library distributed 70 shirts among the eager young readers from the elementary school.
We had 97 children enrolled in the Summer Reading Program. There were a total of 1,596 books read, according to our count from the participants’ reading logs, in which they kept track of all the titles they had checked out or read in the library.
The Dilley Public Library rewarded 167 children with t-shirts for attending the Library’s SRP, the Dilley Elementary and the MHMS Academy Summer Program.