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SHOWER THOUGHTS – Keep a tender heart

“I don’t like him. He’s careless, and he isn’t doing it right.”

“He’s so rude, he never accepts my baked goods gifts!”

“She just thinks she’s too important to wave, she has a terrible attitude.”

Sometimes, people just give off bad vibes. Sometimes, it’s not that someone gives off bad vibes as much as it’s the other person is projecting bad vibes into the world. Let me tell you about another way to view the world…

Maybe he’s not mad at you. It is entirely possible that he is so caught up in his own troubles that he hasn’t thought to call you. Maybe instead of angry, he’s afraid. He thinks he said something that hurt your feelings, and he’s convinced you’re the one that’s angry, and he doesn’t know how to approach you.

What if she isn’t trying to overrun you and change things, and in fact is doing it the only way she knows it’s done? What if she isn’t screwing up as much as she hasn’t got the slightest idea that you want the project done a certain way? Did she ignore your instructions, or did she never receive them?

Paint the world in a light that assumes the good, that seeks the positive, and that keeps a tender heart. Never lose that tender heart, sweet friend. It can move more than mountains.