The realities of annexation


There appears to be a lot of misinformation being spread about the City having plans to annex certain parcels of land in the immediate future. The Council held a workshop last month to address this very issue. Those that attended the workshop, I believe, have a much better understanding of what the City can do, cannot do, and is required to do under the law related to annexation. In continuing with our recent theme, I will first dispel untrue rumors being circulated and then give an explanation of what the realities of annexation are as they apply to the city of Pearsall.

First, let me say, there are no pending current plans to annex any additional territory into the city, at least not from the current City Council. If someone tells you there are, well, that just is not true. At the annexation workshop held by the city, this fact was clearly stated repeatedly by more than one Council member. The purpose of the annexation workshop was not to decide what area to annex, it was to talk about the law, make sure the city of Pearsall was in compliance with the law, and educate the Council and the public about the requirements set forth in the law about annexation. It was an educational workshop, and, sure enough, we learned that there were legal requirements for the city under the law that had not been met in the past.

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