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Trevino faces 24-year sentence for drug, weapon crimes

Cocaine laced with fentanyl caused four deaths in Pearsall

Elberto Roy Trevino

Elberto Roy “Lil Roy” Trevino was sentenced to 24 years in a federal prison last week after he allegedly sold narcotics laced with fentanyl that claimed the lives of four Pearsall residents in July 2022.
Trevino pleaded guilty to one count of being a felon in illegal possession of a firearm and one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute fentanyl on August 30, 2023.
US District Judge Xavier Rodriguez sentenced 50-year-old Trevino to 120 months in prison for the firearm charge and 292 months for the conspiracy charge and ordered that the sentences run concurrently.
“Several people in the Pearsall community lost their lives over one Fourth of July weekend because of a single batch of fentanyl-laced cocaine,” US Attorney Jaime Esparza said of the case. “While victims chose to engage in illicit drug use, had it not been for the minuscule amount of deadly fentanyl they ingested, they likely would still be alive today.”
Four people were found dead over a two-day period in July 2022 from the sale of poisoned cocaine that Trevino had allegedly sold, according to prosecutors.
Pearsall police said at the time that their first call related to the laced cocaine came through dispatch at 1:15 a.m. Saturday, July 2, regarding a residence on West San Antonio Street, where officers found two unresponsive men, 44-year-old Luis Alfredo Salinas and an unidentified 48-year-old, lying in the driveway.
Salinas later died.

Elberto Roy Trevino at the time of his arrest during a raid on his Pearsall residence in 2022; officers believe he had mixed fentanyl into cocaine and sold the poisoned batch locally.

Investigating officers searched the home and found a bag of cocaine close to where both men had lain, according to a report. A subsequent search revealed marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the home.

“At this time officers believe that the subjects could have overdosed from the narcotics that were discovered in the residence,” the department reported in a prepared statement at the time.
Two days later, emergency dispatchers sent officers to a residence on East Comal Street after receiving reports of two deceased people inside a home.
Police arrived to find 70-year-old Juan Rendon and 69-year-old Aurora Rendon dead.
Officers examining the scene reported finding no signs of forced entry or trauma to the couple, but did find a bag of cocaine in the home.
Hours later, Pearsall police found 26-year-old Esperanza Fernandez inside her residence on South Oak Street. Paramedics arrived on scene to provide medical attention, but the woman had died.
“While all illegal narcotics are dangerous, it appears that there is a particular batch possibly being sold and consumed that is causing death,” a statement released by the Frio County Sheriff’s office noted.
Two weeks later, on Thursday, July 28, authorities from several law enforcement agencies arrested Trevino on a weapons possession charge following a raid of his home on Oak Street.
According to a report on the case, officers discovered 46 grams of heroin mixed with fentanyl, 44 grams of 98% pure methamphetamine, a bag containing miscellaneous ammunition and a stolen handgun inside the home on Oak Street.
The methamphetamine was packaged in smaller bags indicative of drug trafficking, the report noted.
Trevino was transported to the Karnes County Jail and charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. The department noted that state authorities involved in the seizure of the narcotics were expected to file felony drug charges against Trevino.
A further investigation revealed that Trevino had allegedly organized narcotics sales via text message to another individual, the court document read. That person was found dead later that day. Narcotics removed from all scenes that weekend tested positive for fentanyl.
“This case demonstrates the ongoing fentanyl threat facing our country today and the complete disregard for human lives,” Special Agent in Charge Daniel C. Comeaux for the Drug Enforcement Administration Houston Division said. “A batch laced with fake fentanyl instantly claimed the lives of four people, three of whom Trevino is responsible for.”

Officers assigned to a special investigation into alleged drug trafficking in Pearsall remove evidence from an Oak Street property where suspect Elberto Roy Trevino lived in 2022, after the man was implicated in a case in which local residents died from taking cocaine that had been laced with fentanyl.